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The Mx. Nobody Pageant: Week 3

Pageants. At Brooklyn Bazaar , 150 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. United states.

Thursday July 27 2017, 8:00pm


The Nobodies are back with the second year of our signature un-pageant, the Mx. Nobody Pageant! Join a bevy of new competitors (and some returning hopefuls from last year) as they throw down the Newness, Outlook, Passion, and Eeugh it takes to make us scream NOPE! Performers of all ages, all sizes, all background, all genders, and all genres are welcome to compete! This week's winner will move on to the August 10th finale for a chance at the $500 cash prize from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, the gift certificates from Gothic Renaissance, and the bonus prize from Beacon's Closet.

Doors at 8:00
Shows at 9:00
Winner announced by 11:00

Linda Flecher
Mini Horrorwitz
Pierretta Viktori
Prince Danny
Mx. Pris Matic
Sherry Poppins
Sugar Magnolia

Alotta McGriddles
Lady Simon

Photos by Jessye Herrell Photography