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The GIG: Cooties

Events. At Spectrum , 150 West Broadway, Eugene, OR. United states.

Friday February 22 2019, 10:00pm


Get to THE GIG hunny! Gag yourself at THE GIG!

>>>>>> COOTIES <<<<<<

On Friday, February 22nd, the Farce Family invites you to THE GIG: COOTIES, the dreamboat that will get you sick with love, lust, and thrust. Show up with your coworker, leave with a date / sugar momma / bowling partner / study buddy / third / play partner / mono / coworker in your mouth. Cooties is a party for the kid who miss giving valentines to their classmates, the femme in glitter cowboy boots & too much pink, the sicko who asks to tie you up before they pay for dinner. GORLS! THEY THEMS! DUDERUSES! GENTLE FOLK! We want you to get LAID!! We want you to oviposit the self love you deserve! We want femmes getting paid for emotional labor && mascs getting therapists! We want tender queers to ask for the lovin and glovin they want!! We want femme4femme, masc4masc, them4them, mommy4mommy, cruisin4bruisin! We want bottomless tops / and topless bottoms! We want you to recognize your worth and your girth! Shake hands with your bits! Are you down to clown with the FARCE FAMILY?!

Get your (ball) gag & your look to THE GIG!!

Doors >>>>>> 10:00 PM
Drag performances by the the Farce Family >>>>>> 10:30 PM
DJ MaestrOblio - aka Mx Fugue Farce spinning tunes >>>>>> 11:30 PM
Cover >>>>>> $5
Lewks strongly encouraged >>>>> PRIZE FOR BEST DRESS
Theme >>>>>> COOTIES
(think - sickly, feminine, contagious, pink, valentines, glitter, kisses, sweet treats, school kid crushes, thirty flirty & thriving)


THE GIG is a contemporary drag art show that engages both performer and audience in a space of vulnerability, of experience, and experiment. THE GIG asks audience members to feel alongside performers and to dress according to theme. THE GIG challenges drag performers to create performance art to a theme and challenges drag art to embody emotions not always associated with drag culture, provoking conversations about gender, sexuality, race, bodies, and emotions. THE GIG may be campy, flamboyant, emotive, nonsensical, and serious - all in the same show. THE GIG is shared vulnerability, to be seen and be seen.