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HustlaBall 2015

Events. At The Artisan Boutique Hotel , 1501 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV. United states.

Saturday January 17 2015, 10:00am until January 18 2015, 11:00pm


The History of HustlaBall
More than 15 years of HustlaBall
A self-described “world of hustlers, hookers, pimps, streetwalkers, flesh-peddlers, porn stars and other scandalous sorts,” the annual sex-drenched HustlaBall has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a one night party held in New York City back in 1998. Eighteen parties later, in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Berlin, and now London, HustlaBall is not only one of the raunchiest events on the dance circuit, it is also one of its hottest tickets. What was originally intended as a “sex cabaret” for erotic artists and exhibitionists has morphed over the years to become a mega-party, where adult content is presented in a large public space, for the amusement and proactive pleasure of international audiences.

HustlaBall brings together (in addition to the usual circuit party suspects) top name musical talent and DJs, an outrageous cast of fetish acts and performers and a growing international parade of party people anxious to get in on the X-rated fun for which HustlaBall has become notorious.

As a result of its increasing popularity over the years, the event has attracted the likes of porn impresario Chi Chi LaRue, recording artists Marc Almond and Johnny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern, drag superstar Shequida, and gay porn legends ranging from Jeff Stryker to Michael Lucas, Michael Brandon, Francois Sagat and Matthew Rush, just to name a few. Partygoers are treated to multiple international DJs including Hector Fonseca, Francesco Pagano, DeMarko, DJ Leomeo of Paris, Micky Friedmann, Rolando Belmares, Jack Chang, DJ Nita Aviance, and Kraak+Smaak, among others.

At HustlaBall, you can forget the go-go boys you would normally see at a gay party. Here, you are more likely to see triple-X podium sex, with any combination of one to five guys at a time. HustlaBall brings together porn stars and top escorts from around the world, especially as a showcase for new and emerging erotic talent. Fans can show their affection on the spot and of course there is the occasional escort or porn star that shows off his talent up close and personal.

With dark rooms, play spaces, and awesome sound-and-lighting, there are many elements for guests to discover and engage with at a HustlaBall party. The night is broken up by a series of erotic, acrobatic, and musical performances onstage and around the club to keep partygoers surprised and stimulated.

All these elements make HustlaBall a unique party, and although it is a circuit party, with DJs being a major focus, it is different from other circuit parties. Here you get a mix of DJs, dancefloors, onstage shows, acts that happen around the stage, stars mingling with fans, and smaller parties around the main event that allow more intimate sexual display.

The crowd is more diverse than most circuit crowds, with men and women, gay and straight, older and younger, representatives from the adult video industry, pornstars, escorts, and dancers. And of course there are partygoers who love a good old-fashioned circuit party, with the sweat on the dancefloor, for whom nothing else matters but the music.

As HustlaBall travels around the globe, attracting new fans and participants, the party takes on the flavour of each host city. The irony is that although some cities are known for sexual indulgence, their zoning laws do not always make that possible at HustlaBall. Las Vegas, for instance, is known as Sin City, and prostitution is legal, but nudity is not allowed where liquor is sold, so live sex onstage in Vegas clubs is never going to happen without consequences. In New York City, where zoning laws are strict but not heavily policed, some sex and nudity slips past the censors, but stage shows are relatively tame for what one would expect from X-rated pornstars. In heavily policed or zoned cities, the raunchiest HustlaBall performances take place only at underground pre- and post-event sex clubs and bathhouses. In Berlin, on the other hand, HustlaBall is entirely free and sexually liberated—nudity is allowed (Germans walk naked at the beach), sex is totally cool onstage at nightclubs, and even prostitution is legal.

At HustlaBall London 2008, the party held at club Area + Depot and was able to achieve the perfect blending of a packed international dancefloor and DJs with live sex performances onstage and a special Club HARD-ON room, including a giant play area with slings and fetish equipment, hosted by Suzie Kruger (of Club Fist fame).

HustlaBall New York 2008 was the party’s 10-year anniversary.