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Texas Hold 'Em

Events. At The Raven - Location Closed , 385 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA. United states.

Thursday February 21 2019, 9:00pm


Yea baby! "Bluffin’ w/Butch" expanding it's empire with another gay Texas Hold 'Em game in another gay town along the beautiful Delaware River in breathtaking NewHope Pennsylvania! Thurs nights are now my residency at The Raven Bar and Restaurant which will be a weekly game. Awesome private (quiet) backroom w/our own bartender, poker(ish) ambiance and an overall small-town feel.. So try n come to one of these Thursdays (would REALLY appreciate this week tho..) and check out what I think is gonna be a super fun weekly gig.. Cheers! Butch
PS> 30/20/10... Raven gift cards..