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2014 Philadelphia Dyke March

Events. At Kahn Park , 328 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Saturday June 7 2014, 3:00pm


CALLING ALL DYKES!! ALL femmes, butches, queers, studs, AGs, lesbian feminists, tops, bottoms, tomboys, womyn of color, bi-dykes, boi-dykes, UHaul-ers, Potluck-ers, bulldaggers, trans folks of all flavors, labia-lovin' ladies... you get the idea: we mean YOU!

The Philly Dyke March is not a parade. It's a march, a protest, a movement. ***We do NOT get a permit to the march streets.*** Since 1998, the Philly Dyke March has been an opportunity for self-identified dykes to gather, march and rally. Too often, the LGBT community focuses on male-dominated voices. The Philly Dyke March is our protest in support of the dyke voice and experience, and focuses on the wants, needs, and demands of our community. We march to show that we exist, that we matter, and that we have a voice. We demand and create an affirming, dyke-positive space to celebrate the creativity and determination of who we are, who we love, and the diversity within our community. We welcome Dykes of all races, sizes, ages, abilities, socio-economic statuses, gender presentations, and sexualities. We also welcome our allies to join us for the march and rally!

Bring your friends, your kids, signs, banners, costumes, drums, whistles, but most importantly just bring yourself!

Get involved! Planning season starts around February/March—it’s a chance to build connections and strengthen your sense of community. If you’re interested in becoming an organizer of the Philly Dyke March, let us know! Or be more active in the march itself: bring your scooter, motorcycle or bicycle and be a DYKE ON BIKE, leading the march through the Gayborhood and beyond. Or pick up a megaphone and be one of our radical cheerleaders! Or bang a drum and let Philly know we’re coming. Or, audition to be on our dyke-positive stage. Much more information to come!!

Rally: 3pm at Kahn Park (11th and Pine streets)
March: Step off promptly at 4pm
After march: Chill in the park and have some free water ice as Philly's dyke performers rock the mic for the rest of the day!

In 2012, we marched on Broad for one block. At our 2013 march, we took Broad for several blocks, stormed City Hall, then triumphed down Market. Who knows what radical route we’ll plan for 2014, but one thing we know: YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT! As always, PDM brings you electrifying speakers and performers, awesome entertainment and of course an opportunity to take over Philly's streets!

We still have a few 2013 T-shirts/tanks available—look for us at different community events during the rest of the year. The new 2014 Philly Dyke March T-Shirts will be available next spring.

Be Visible. Be Heard. Be There!

For more information check out our website at www.phillydykemarch.com.