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LGBT HQ At Wizard World Philly

Events. At Pennsylvania Convention Center , 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Saturday June 3 2017, 10:00am


LGBT HQ is proud to represent the LGBTQIA and disabled communities at Wizard World Philadelphia, on June 3, 2017. LGBT HQ has been chosen to host two great LGBTQIA and Diversity panels for the con; Cosplay Rule 63, and LGBT responsibilities in Comics and Pop Culture. Our Featured panelists will be Mischief Matthew, Akeem Andrews, Les Levi, and Dan Ritchie, the winner of Mr. Green Lantern Competition 2017. In addition to these great panels and programming, LGBT HQ, Skin Tight USA and Boxers PHLL is proud to sponsor a free Cosplay Costume Contest starting at 10pm, on June 3. Costumes and cosplay are encouraged! Special Performances and Judges for the night are Mr. Green Lantern 2017, Danny Lantern, and recording artist Aaron Paull, straight from his “Every Life Matters” tour.

Here’s what you can look forward to at Wizard World Philadelphia 2017:


* 5 pm: Cosplay Rule 63. Learn all about gender bent cosplay and cross play, the differences and how, as cosplayers, it can be empowering.

* 6 pm: LGBT Responsibility in Comics and Pop Culture. Discuss the role directors, publishers, and the higher-ups take in the proper representation of the LGBTQIA and disability community in comics, video games, television, print and movies.

* 10 pm: Skin Tight USA: Wizard World Unofficial After Party & Costume Contest

Boxers PHL, 1330 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA
10 pm (doors open at 9), FREE, 21+
* Special Appearance and Judge, Mr. Green Lantern 2017, Danny Lantern
* Special Performances and Judge, recording artist, Aaron Paul, straight from his “Every Life Matters” tour
* MEGA costume contest and raffle, with prize bags worth over $1,000
* $8 rented Super Suit/Coat Check
* Drink and food specials with Wizard World Con Badge/Ticket
www.skintightusa.com & www.lgbthq.info

LGBT HQ is dedicated to creating a central hub for LGBTQIA fandom and vendors/exhibitors alike at comic conventions nationwide. We work with artists and authors around the country to provide the best connections between the communities we support and the operators and innovators looking to reach them.

SkinTightUSA.com is New York City's longest community-run LGBTQ superhero event since 2005, focusing on body positivity through superheroes, spandex, cosplay, and nightlife events.

If you would like to collaborate with LGBT HQ.info on this or future events, please contact our Director, Matthew Levine.