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Stimulus Back To Basics: The Stimulus Saturday Throwdown

Events. At Square Peg , 929 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Saturday April 13 2013, 10:00pm


Stimulus Back to Basics - A Return to our Roots.


This is our fourth installment of Back to Basics and believe us when we say it gets better each and every time. The constant dancing, the heart-pounding intensity, that feel-good, house party vibe. Oh Back to Basics...we just can't get enough of you. 


On Saturday, April 13th, we're back with another intimate, heart-thumping party for people with open minds, amazing energy and a strong desire to leave it all on the dance floor. It's just what Philly needs.


Two different levels. Two different vibes. Upstairs - get your hard-hitting, sweaty bump and grind on. Downstairs - relax at the bar, have a conversation, grab a drink..just chill. 


Guest DJs every month playing whatever the hell they feel like

This month: Back to Basics resident DJ NiiLo and DJ Jovi Baby on the decks!

Drink specials until midnight- $3 drafts, $4 wine, $5 well mixed drinks

$4 Yuengling ALL NIGHT!

$5 cover before midnight

Square Peg at 10th and Walnut

Pics by Sammy Munsch and Kelly Burkhardt


*Most importantly: For Back to Basics, we're keeping the event at capacity. We want y'all to be able dance freely, move easily and get to the bar quickly. We know that when you've got more space, you have more fun. So that means, when the venue is full, we're not gonna keep packing the place like sardines. Wanna party? Get in the door, baby!*


Tell your boo, tell your friends, tell your crush, tell your mama...tell everybody. Stimulus is getting back to our roots and you dont want to miss it.