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March 29th!!! We’re kicking off our first Fri-Yay Eve: Mic Check! and— It’s. About. To. Go. TF. Down...

For those of you who don’t know, Mic Check! will be our monthly, Mini-Singing Competition. It’s open to all singers and vocalists of all backgrounds. And there will be NO AUDITIONS for anyone! It will be a karaoke-style competition, to minimize any reservations anyone may have about performing. It’s going to be fun and chill, and also give you the opportunity to walk away with a few extra coins in your pocket! So, if you can sing, think you can sing, have been told you can sing, etc... literally just show up, sign up and sound TF off!! There will be a cash prize up for grabs to the person who impresses the masses the most! So, come out Thursday and put this cash prize where you mouth is!!!

In this show, YOU, the audience will honestly be the most important piece of the pie, as you guys (and beautiful ladies) will be the ONLY deciding factor in who wins the night and walks away with the Cash Prize!! Also, 3 of our lucky, enthusiastic audience members will be selectively chosen as VIP members, and will receive a some exclusive perks the night of!! So, please, bring all of your craziness and personality... 
Oh, how we love personality!! 

Also, did we mention there’s NO COVER??? So, literally, all you have to do is show up, look pretty, sing a few tunes and/or show love to your favorite performers of the night!! Easy right??!

We. Know.

Shenanigans will be many!! Great times will definitely be had!! Come be apart of our very first Mic Check! This Thursday and Every 4th Thursday at Tabu Sports Bar and Lounge!!