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Miss Everything 2: Opening Night

Events. At Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar - Location Closed , 200 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Wednesday January 7 2015, 9:00pm


18 Female-Identified Performers of all backgrounds, competing for 10 weeks on the Tabu stage!

Our Judges include:
Liberty City Kings Drag and Burlesque HBIC, Lascivious Jane

Drag Official's Editor in Chief, Bee Reed

The always Glam and Hilarious, Lili StQueer
And the TBD Mr. Everything champ

Hosted by the amazing Mistor Fahrenheit!

Here they are.
Miss Everything 2 Official Cast:

Pretty GIRL, Drag Performer
Alexa Marie, Dancer
Miss Rachel Rottin', Sideshow Performer
Sakura Bee Love, Drag Performer
Yareli Urbina, Belly Dancer
Roxy Q., Dancer
Eva Catastrophy Fox Performance Artist
Aki Luvalati, Dancer
Dinah Sore, Drag Performer
LoLa Divine MonRoe, Dancer
Lavinia Loveless, Drag Performer
Little MissRollerhoops, Circus Act/Burlesque
MaDamn Boof, Performance Artist
Cameron Catastrophe, Pole Dancer
Sqeeky Cheeks, Performance Artist
Stormy Vondersnatch, Drag Performer
Aliya Strychnine, Comedy Performance Artist
Night, Performance Artist