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Mr. Everything 2: Opening Night

Events. At Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar - Location Closed , 200 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Wednesday April 1 2015, 9:00pm


16 talented and exciting Male-Identified Performers competing in Josh Schonewolf's one-of-a-kind 10-week competition.

10 weeks. 1 winner. $1,000.

Hosted by R. Eric Thomas


Amber Hikes
Mistor Fahrenheit
Timaree Schmit


Official List of Contestants:

Saynt Von Dean, Boylesque

Boy Blue, Aerialist/Performance Artist

Jimmy Two-Fingers, Drag King

Doug Stafford, Magician

Hextacy, Drag King

Mr. Kikkoman, Boylesque

Chikn Nug-It, Boylesque

ZONK, Performance Artist

Marcus G, Dancer/Performance Artist

J. Danger, Drag King

Joey Santorum, Performance Artist

Jae, Dancer/Singer

Chris Wiz, Kink Performer

Serpen Sortia, Performance Artist

Ben MeHover, Boylesque

Andy, Performer

Ovidio, Boylesque

NikNakSoWhack, Performance Artist