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Bridges & Divides Series: An Honest Conversation With LGBTQ Womyn

Events. At William Way LGBT Community Center , 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Tuesday April 16 2013, 6:00pm until April 18 2013, 8:00pm



Tuesday (4/16): Your Purpose, Your Authentic Self: Connection or Division?: 


This discussion is on honesty around whether what you do is connecting or dividing you from the fulfillment of your authentic self. Facilitator: Megan Mcleod.



Wednesday (4/17): Giving It a Name: Queer Womyn & Mental Health


LGBTQ womyn face unique mental health risks. Yet stigma gets in the way of sharing. In dialogue about what affects us, we give name and agency to overcome challenges.

Facilitator: L'Oreal McCollum.




Thursday (4/18): Keeping Them Honest: How Is Elements Doing? Open Call for Community Responses 


Come out and share your voice. Elements this year is getting back to its roots--building its base through events that promote visibility, dialogue, and cultivate new LGBTQ womyn leaders. Are we doing enough? Where are areas for growth? What have we done well?