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P.O.C Philly: Qtpocs Taking BACK Our Community

Events. At William Way LGBT Community Center , 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA. United states.

Thursday July 20 2017, 7:00pm


Due to a series of unfortunate events that eventually led to a community member being assaulted for aligning themselves with the QTPOC community, this is a call for justice. The intention for this town hall is to create a safe space for QTPOCS to vent their frustrations, brainstorm on how to demand equality in various subcultures, working together as a collective and other topics in relation. This townhall witll be moderated and hosted by Oba Gathing , Brianna Jordan G, and the other QTPOCs in our community. Allies are welcomed to attend but gaslighting, victim blaming, and the lack of ability to recognize one's own privilege will not be tolerated.

As usual there will be a POTLUCK and FREE FOOD for everyone.
Hope everyone can attend so we all can get to the bottom of everything.