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Women Encouraging Women at Our Center in Reno NV

Events. At Our Center , 1745 South Wells Avenue, Reno, NV. United states.

Saturday July 13 , 10:30am

Women Encouraging Women at Our Center in Reno NV

Every Saturday - 10:30AM to 12:30PM PST

Women Encouraging Women AlAnon

Our Center works to establish and maintain a safe, empowering, and supportive center in Northern Nevada that addresses advocacy, education, and services.

Build a foundation to sustain a community center, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together for support, education, and social activities; connect community members, organizations, and resources to encourage advocacy, cultural development, and personal well-being.

Before Our Center, there was an LGBTQIA+ community center called A Rainbow Place. Unfortunately, A Rainbow Place was underfunded and closed its doors after many years. They saw the hole this created in the community and decided to do something about it.