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Gayme Nite: V-Day Hangover Red Party

Events. At Bachelor Forum , 670 University Avenue, Rochester, NY. United states.

Tuesday February 19 2019, 8:00pm


Attention gaymers and discount chocolate lovers! Single and missing a heartpiece? Finally found your prince(cess) in another castle? Either way, it’s an excuse to drink cheap in the middle of winter! This Valentine’s Day Gayme Nite we’re throwing a ball, and inviting YOU! Dress in your best, play Super Smash Bros to vent your relationship woes on your opponents, and down those sorrows with shots knowing you’re saving money in the end. Single or mingled, all are welcome!

Starting 8PM it's 50% off ALL beverages all night long, including shots and doubles! We'll FINALLY once again feature a special $5 drink menu (Valentines Day-themed!) for the occasion with Brian's $5 Signerdture Cocktails! Free pizza, V-Day chocolates and snacks around the bar - and potentially homemade cookies! Write your bar patrons a Valentine! (Or leave one for your bartender).

We'll have the Nintendo Switch / 64 / WiiU and other systems hooked up for your playing pleasures. See you gaymers then! And let’s let this corporate holiday pass by with good deals and nerdy fun. Cuz at the end of the day, who loves you more than we do at the Bachelor Forum?