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Online Event: Introduction To Qigong

Online. At Live Online: Seattle , City Hall, Seattle, WA. United states.

Friday August 5 , 11:00am

Online Event: Introduction To Qigong

Every Friday - 11:00AM to 12:00PM PST

Join instructor Kimberly Ivy, founder of Seattle’s Embrace the Moon Tai Chi and Qigong, for a free, 6-week Qigong course. Qigong is a contemplative movement system that is one of the main branches of Chinese Medicine. There are many variations of Qigong, and you’ve likely seen several of them being practiced in the parks or online.
Regardless of the method variety, all Qigong is a health system that helps us understand Yin/Yang philosophy, meditation, breath, and movement. All these beautiful flows harmonize the body, mind, and spirit with nature and provide many health benefits. You'll feel better all around in just a short time of practice!
This course will cover fundamental methods of breathing, movement, and concentration. Between classes, you can practice with a video recording of that week’s session. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!