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Green Lantern Competition 2018

Events. At Green Lantern , 1335 Green Court NW, Washington, DC. United states.

Sunday May 27 2018, 9:00pm


The Annual Mr. Green Lantern Competition is back, Sunday, May 27, 2018, and is now OPEN TO EVERYONE! Men and Women may now compete for the title of Captain Green Lantern! 

Presented by the Green Lantern Bar, Skin Tight USA, LGBT HQ and THIRD EYE COMICS, Prizes from Awesome ConKatsucon and Blerdcon, with your special Drag Cosplay Hostess Phenom, Shirley U. Jest and Judges Paul Charles The Gay Comic Geek, Mr. Green Lantern 2017, Danny Lantern Cosplay and Director of LGBT HQ, Matthew Levine.

Sunday, May 27, 2018, The Green Lantern Bar, DC. Doors open at 9 PM, contest starts at 10 PM, 21+, $5

Apply NOW at support@lgbthq.info to Compete!
Please write “competition” in the subject line
Include your name, phone number, and email in the body.

The winner will be crowned, Captain Green Lantern 2018, receive a custom super suit, contest ring, and custom light up gauntlet, courtesy of LGBT HQ, The Green Lantern Bar and Skin Tight USA. Additionally the winner will go on to represent the LGBTQIA and diversity community at Awesome Con, Katsucon, BlerdCon and DC Pride parties for the duration of their reign, May 2018 - May 2019, where they will crown the next years winner! The winner will be an representative for #Education#Advocacy#Activism#Empowerment and #BodyPositivity. The top 3 will receive prize packages from all of our various sponsors.and the option to be a cosplay ambassador for LGBT HQ at comic book conventions.

BlerDCon, 7.26.18 - 7.28.18
Washington DC Gay Pride, 6.8.18 - 6.10.18
LGBT EXPO NYC - September '18 TBA (Optional)
NYCC,10.4.18-10.7.18 (Optional)
Halloween at Green Lantern 10.27.18
KatsuCon, February 2019 (TBA)
Awesome Con, Spring 2019 (TBA)
Mr. Green Lantern Contest, May 2019 (TBA)

Participants will be judged in the following 3 Categories, provide an outfit of their own that fits the category/theme, as well as answer a question. The final “crowning” round, the participant will wear the outfit of their choice.

1 - Convention Wear: The contestant must wear a Superhero Cosplay outfit that would be acceptable at any comic book and/or cosplay convention. The question will revolve around their presentation and portrayal of the bar at Convention and Philanthropic LGBTQ Events. 
(All recognizable superhero/villain/video game characters are acceptable, as well as personally created characters)

2 - Nightlife/club life (outerwear): Anything from Fetish to Nightclub to Drag, Etc. Must fit the LGBT nightlife and be Green Lantern inspired. The question will revolve around gay nightlife and events.

3 - Underwear/Sexy Super Gear . . . Nuff’ Said. (Inspired by but not limited to Cotton, Spandex, Bodypaint, etc. Stipulation to be determined.) Question is TBD.

Note: Skin Tight USA and The Green Lantern do not provide contestants with their costumes for the competition.