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Transmasculine & Nonbinary Social Hour at Red Bear Brewing in Washington DC

Events. At Red Bear Brewing , 209 M Street NorthEast, Washington, DC. United states.

Tuesday June 21 , 6:00pm

Transmasculine & Nonbinary Social Hour at Red Bear Brewing in Washington DC

Third Tuesday - 6:00PM to 9:00PM EST

Join us for our monthly social hour on the third Tuesday of every month at Red Bear Brewery. You must be 18+. Friends and partners welcome.
Red Bear is a queer-owned brewery that serves food, drinks, and has board games. The establishment is for all ages, but our event is 18+. Friends and partners are welcome when accompanied by someone who is transmasculine. See a list of their games here:
"Transmasculine" means you were assigned female at birth, but feel this is an incomplete or inaccurate description of yourself. This includes trans men, AFAB nonbinary, two-spirit, and genderqueer folks.
When you arrive, ask the host for the reserved tables for DCATS. We encourage folks to arrive at the beginning of the event if possible, so we don't lose our reserved space.
FYI, on Facebook, the guest list is hidden for everyone's privacy so people will not be able to see you were invited. However, it is a public event so people will be able to see if you click "interested" or "going" on Facebook.
At the event, we'll be accepting binder donations and will be able to give out needles to those who are in need. However, we will not be accepting needles in exchange.
More Details:
Gender-neutral or single-stall restrooms? Yes.
Accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility aids? Yes.
Interpreters? No.
Lighting? Dim.
Sound Level? Mid-level, depending on the crowd, but Tuesdays are quieter than most.
Transportation: Near NoMA metro (.2 miles).
Questions? Email jcrowell@dcats.org