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Stop Transgender Military Ban

Events. At The White House , 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. United states.

Saturday July 29 2017, 12:00pm


Trump: transgender people "can't serve" in US Military. What?
Trumps recent comments on Transgender individuals serving in US Military reverses a decision last year by Pentagon itself to end the ban.
This sounds like dictatorial decree as opposed to policy making as nobody in Pentagon press office seems to be aware of this!
It is disrespectful to the 15k active trans service members and 140k trans vets!

This is an attack on the lives and choices of trans people. We've seen this before and are experiencing multiple attacks of state sanctioned violence at every turn. SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT FOR TRANS PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

It is critical that we engage in sustainable acts of solidarity as support our trans service members through protest.
We are so excited that our event will also serve as a fundraiser for Trans Women of Color Collective, A grassroots initiative that works to uplift the narratives, lived experiences and leadership of trans people of color who are living on the margins. The trans community continues to fight for the rights of all of us and with our financial contributions we can sustain that work right here in Washington D.C.

Trans people are not burdens. Our collective response is what will shift the narrative of state sanctioned violence that impacts the lives of trans folk.
Check out their work and donate even if you can't make the rally!