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Book Of The Month: 140 Miles Of Life: A Remarkable Journey To Self-Acceptance & Love

Book Of The Month. At PrideParade.net News , Washington, DC, Washington, DC. United states.

Wednesday June 1 , 12:00am until June 30 , 11:59pm

Book Of The Month: 140 Miles Of Life: A Remarkable Journey To Self-Acceptance & Love

June 2022

Veronica Carrera

”Plain and simple, Veronica’s journey represents pure POWER. Power of self, power of spirit, and power of determination. She is an inspiration to everyone who strives for what is right in life and those who want to rise above the opposition. You cannot truly change the way things are unless you have lived through the way things are. Veronica has LIVED! Her spiritual path has led to physical endeavors that have enabled her to break through stereotypes and not only dismantle but destroy the framework that has impeded the LGBTQ community from success and acceptance. But Veronica is here to say “NO! Acceptance isn’t the goal, but integration. Integration of the soul through pure love and universal connection.” As the Chief Medical Officer of the world’s leading plant medicine facility, I can attest to the beautiful transformation that occurred for Veronica prior to her stay at Rythmia and solidified by her inward spiritual quest. I highly recommend that you not only read Veronica’s transformative story but also allow your soul to be influenced by the joy and triumphant cries of equality and the purpose of existence. Veronica’s story is the story of us all. Of humanity, of being, of living, of accepting, and of loving.” --Dr. Jeff McNairy. Psy.D., M.P.H.

”Veronica's deeply touching and personal story is an apotheosis of profound triumph over heart-wrenching adversity - not only a triumph of personal power, but also a triumph of love, a triumph of her huge and beautiful human heart, and ultimately a triumph of the soul. As she demonstrates the breathtaking courage it takes to say yes to walk the true path of love and transformation, her story will leave you thoroughly inspired and connected to your own greatest humanity. I couldn't put this book down.” --Seneca Moore, Ph.D., Founder and Coach at Optimity Coaching & Collaborative

“140 Miles Of life by exemplary Veronica Carrera is a truly well-written book, packed with life lessons and wisdom gems. This is an incredibly engaging read in which you will find yourself moved and inspired by Veronica's journey. This book is about RESILIENCE and COURAGE. No matter what your life circumstances are, you always have the freedom to choose LOVE over anything else. I loved this book and every true seeker will love it also. Thank you, Veronica, for your sacred YES and for being an embodiment of light in this World.” --Paola Castro. Spiritual Coach, Author & Speaker

All hell breaks loose the moment Veronica Carrera, a leader in the Mormon church, falls in love with a fellow female student at Brigham Young University. Battling her innate feelings, the devout missionary confesses her temptations to the Bishop in a futile attempt to hold tight to her spiritual home.

After her church shuns her, a shocked Veronica embarks on the toughest one-day endurance race in the world to reclaim her power, inadvertently beginning a much more important, internal journey of healing and self-love.

Veronica’s story of triumphing over adversity, not only offers hope and inspiration for readers to discover true inner wisdom and acceptance but may save lives!

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